[TMR] Second time’s the charm [Minho/Thomas]

Second time’s the charm

The Maze Runner Series fanfiction

Written by Angelandthelord

notes: In which Thomas isn’t good at hiding his feelings.

Oops I’ve french exams next week but still xD I miss writing things so much and my friend just had me addicted to this series recently, so I’m still new to this fandom and just wanna write a little something. ^^ Plus Minho and Thomas are the biggest dorks.

Movie canon, Post-Movie

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[Hannibal] Le doux bruit de la mer [Hannibal/Will] (3.5) (On-hold)

Le doux bruit de la mer


notes: sorry for the delay, I’ve been pretty busy with college stuff again and even I have time, I just don’t feel like writing this. So it’d be better not doing anything than writing it half-hearted. ^^

This time nothing happens so much, but let’s just say there’s a progress between these two. 😀 I’ll update more later so it’s chapter 3.5 lol. Stay tuned!

***note: 1/2017 i’m not dead, but i’ve just been lazy.. damn i want to continue this but somehow it doesn’t work. I hope you understand if any of you is still waiting for this.(i mean god, is there people who still come back to this fic?? @ me) Also i heard that bryan wants to make season 4 and i was like O_O!! if that’s true i couldn’t be more happier to try my hands on this again!! so for now this fic is on-hold! (:

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